Update for the project software that enables to use a gamepad as input device
12 Nov 2017 16:29
Bechele 2 Software

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Update gamepad use

A new update has been released, that allows to use a gamepad as input/teaching device instead of the self made arduino based joystick.

Though it works using a gamepad now, it is rather difficult to teach/move servos using the gamepad. My self made joystick is much more accurate and sensitive than a gamepad. Also gamepads usually have a "dead zone" in the center of the input lever, that makes it difficult to position exactly.

To prevent of much configuration, I created additional programs for gamepad use, the old ones can be still used if you have a self made joystick.

To install:

Download and unpack the g-zipped tar-ball from within  /usr/local/bin

The configuration is set to orangepi by default. If you have a raspi 3 you neeed to copy the configuration file in /usr/local/bin/Modules (cp  /usr/local/bin/Modules/ConfigL.pm.raspi /usr/local/bin/Modules/ConfigL.pm)

Probably the perl module "Linux::Joystick" needs to be installed in addition.

The easiest way is to use:  cpanm Linux::Joystick

For more, how to use the Update read the enclosed README file.

124-gamepad_update.tgz (20 KB)