Repetier firmware to allow modifications of parameters without re-compilation
1 Jan 2018 16:52
Geeetech G2S Upgrade

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The Repetier firmware has a lot of advantages compared to the Marlin firmware, that is provided by Geeetech:

  • You may use the online configuration tool to configure your printer
  • Easy update to new firmware versions without the hassle of adapting configuration files.
  • Configuration files can be easily shared, because a Json file containing the settings may be up and downloaded from the online configurator.
  • Important parameters are stored in eeprom - so no recompiling is required every time you cange one of them.
  • smooter prints of better quality.

The online configuration tool may be found here:


Based on the settings from WBRUCEM: (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1301129) I modified this to make it work with my printer


  • PWM fan used to cool the printed object - needs rewiring of the fan cabling - see: /images/page/128-1.png
  • Autoleveling activated and configured
  • Autoleveling area reduced to 3 x 3 steps with only two repeats each.
  • Autoleveling positions swapped to prevent of mechanical crash after levelling when homing.
  • Preparation for printing ABS with temperatures up to 260 °
  • Enabling of EEPROM use - Note: !! You need to send a M502 command once after software Upload to make Autoleveling work !!
  • Reduced the number of subsegments to get enough ram for runnig autolevelling.

Here the JSON file with the settings as described above: