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23 Feb 2020 5:24
The project

Hardware of Bechele 2:

Project main wiring
The joy stick

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Hardware of Bechele 2
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Achtually in the project its not too much about creating hard ware. Also its not too much about electronics, that has not changed since the first project (bechele 1) because it consists of cheap ready made parts. At prices of about 4 euro for a PCA9685 PWM controller direct form china, self made simply does not make sense. However you need to know the used parts and how to wire up, therefore the description here:

The Hardware of the project consists of the following parts:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B or OrangePi PC
  • 16 channel PWM servo controller from Duinofun, DeekRobot or Adafruit based on chip PCA9685
    In the images furter down a build with an OrangePi PC is shown.
  • Analogue model building servos - for example  SG90 from TowerPro.
  • Two plug based power supplies 5V 1x for Rasperry Pi and 1x for the Servos (The partition of the power supplies prevents of electrical disturbance and is actually mandatory)
  • Joy stick (self made) with data processing via Arduino Micro Pro and transfer via serial interface to the Raspberry Pi.
  • The movement mechanics of Bechele 2. Because the face mechanics of bechele 2 is much more complex than the firs project, I was forced to use some machine made parts. The eyes again were made out of empty deo roller balls.
  • Amplifier and loud speaker that amplifies the audio data from the raspi
  • Outer skin of the movement model or puppet.
Short the functions of the puppet head:
  1. Movement of the eye lids left and right seperately (2 Servos)
  2. Mouth movement open and close (1 Servo)
  3. Eye movement left -right and up-down (2 Servos)
  4. Movement of the eye brows up and down (1 Servo)
  5. Movement of the eye focus (squint) (1 Servo)
  6. Movement of the mouth corners (1 Servo)

See also:

3D printable eye mechanics on Thingiverse.com:



Here some impressions of the project: