Hydraulic wine press made out of a surge tank
8 Okt 2017 9:29
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Wine Press:

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Wine Press

Baco Noir GrapesSome years ago I still had wine grapes in front of our house. That time I made wine of them. First I bought a wine press in a hardware store, consisting of a metal frame with cylinder of wooden latches where a stamp presses the fruits down using a spindle. Unfortunately the results didn't convince me really because firstly not much fit into the basket, secondly because much force was needed, thirdly the press result was not satisfying and finally because I had to move up the spindle several times again to add more shim blocks. A professional fruit press that works with a rubber hose was simply much to expensive for my needs, so I decided to look for a simple, cheap and effective solution for my problem. Inspired by professional fruit presses I found a cheap, rather easy to make and satisfying solution that I want to share with other makers.

Wine Press