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Properties of the mechanics of the scale

All case and chassis parts are 3D printable. 

All 3D and CAD files are ready for download on thingiverse:

Due to the fact, that Thingiverse is not able to provide all 3D files, you may download the complete stl and object file set here: 

No extra support is required for printing on a FDM printer all download files are already delivered in their proposed printing direction.

Two parts need a raft to stick properly on the print bed. This is the front cover and the button support. All other parts need just a brim.

For the front cover I used PETG, because there the inter layer adhesion is quite good and that is important, because there are very thin parts that have a rather high mechanical load in the inter layer direction. For the weight plate i used ABS, because due to the big number of faces, it is easier to clean off printing smudge marks and chips.  PETG would be a mess there, because chips stick very hard on PETG.

The scale was designed with the idea to be as small as possible, so the electronics compartment has very limited space. Even the electronic parts for the power circuit need to be selected with this in mind. 

Bill of Material:

Required mechanical parts:

6 Screws M3 x 6 DIN 965
2 Screws M4 x 20 DIN 912
2 Screws M4 x 16 DIN 912
10 Mini screws 1 x 4 plastic thread similar to DIN 7981

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