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Surveillance cam

Surveillance camera out of a notebook camera

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Cheap surveillance cameras often have a poor quality. Also they are almost quite conspicuous. If you have a small budget you should have a closer look to this. The surveillance camera is based on an old notebook camera, that can be purchased for little money. Although they deliver a good image quality with – depending on the module – a reasonable resolution. Notebook cameras usually work using a USB interface that is internally connected to the Motherboard, but need – other than normal USB devices – 3.3V instead of 5 V.  If you run these cameras on 5 V you may destroy them, they simply do not work, or if you have good luck and they work. Fortunately you usually don’t need any extra drivers to operate these cameras. 

Under Linux they are usually detected as a video device. Under Windows this is similar. 

The real work is to supply the camera with 3.3V, to solder on a USB cable and put it into a proper housing.

The Projekt shows therfore a build proposal

Ready surveillance cam and an old webcam board out of a defective notebook

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