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Camera focussing

How to focus a notebook camera

Notebook cameras are usually focused for a distance of about 50cm so they are sharp for video phone calls. On a surveillance cam you may like to focus for a bigger distance. Because the lenses are very small and the focus depht is quite big, focussing is not necessarily required. However, to get an optimized focus an adjustment leads to a better image.

The lenses, as small as they are have almost a focus adjustment thread, but this is usually fixed with glue. You may often loosen the glue by turning the lens counter-clock-wise. However I had also cameras, where the lense holder ripped completely off. To loosen the almost as a crown shaped lens holder you need actually a special tool. With pliers you probably destroy the camera.

The following procedure helped me to create a simple tool to remove the lens:

  1. Put a very small piece of paper into the lens opening for protection.
  2. Heat up a proper piece of plastic on one side until it becomes viscous on the surface.
  3. Push the molten material onto the lens and let it cool down. Now it has the form of the crown.
  4. With the cold tool remove the lens first completely and remove the glue rests from the lens thread.
  5. Now screw the lens in again and focus accordingly.

To set the focus to a longer distance you need to turn in the lens closer to the sensor. If you try to turn in the lens first, you take a high risk to rip off the sensor housing. Therefore first turn left – clean and then turn right. A fixing of the lens with gue is not required (from my point of view). It holds also without !?

Camera lens with visible focus thread
Lens Wrench
Self made plastic key

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