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Geetech G2S

Update of Geeetech G2S 3D delta printer

In autumn 2017 I decided to buy my first 3d printer construction kit. Because I took the delta Rostock technic as a cool design, the printer I finally chose was a Geeetech G2S, since the price for the kit was low enough to risk even a total fail.

First when I got the kit I was really impressed about how they could build all these parts for that low price. 

As people these days usually do, I also informed me in the net about the goods and bads of this kit and read a lot about mechanical inaccuracies, mecanical weakness and some other problems.

I was alarmed! So in order to just follow the building instructions from Geetech, I took a little time and investigated the kit further. 

And in deed I found some really bads. It was clear to me, that I had to modifiy one or the other part.

Finally after weeks of work, when the printer was according to my expectations, I looked back and found, that probably some of the modifications could be also interesting for others, who also looked for this kit.

If people ask me if this is a good kit I have to say:

The parts delivered are a good base to build a printer with a reasonable quality, if (and only if) you are willing to do some modifications. If not, you hardly will get satisfying prints out of it!  In other words: You may use this kit as a base for your own modifications, but be aware, that you have to spend probably more time than you expected.

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