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Camera Housing

How to build the camera housing

The camera housing is simply made out of a piece of aluminium square tube as you may buy it in a building market.

A piece of about 100 mm of the square tube will be applied with a hole at the right place. Then the camera module with solderes USB cable will be slided into the tube and fixed with some foam rubber or felt bits so the lens is pressed against the hole and the electronics has no contact with the housing. Now heat up the tube with a hair dryer so the humidity inside is minimized. Otherwise condensed water may collect somewhere inside and may cause short circuits or haze on the lens. Now fill hot glue into both ends of the tube so the cable is fixed and the camera is saved from dust and humidity. Finally apply a piece of microscope cover glass onto the lens hole and glue it with superglue. The best is to apply the glue when the glass is already on top of the hole. The thin glue will be pulled iinside the gap in between glas and aluminium by capillary action.

Attention: apply the glue very carefully and thrifty ! If the glue bilds a fillet at the hole the glass will probably become blind because of the superglue vapor and the camera becomes useless. 

tube with camera
The covered cam
glue seal
Sealed cable entry

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