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How the project developed

The idea for the project developed in autumn 2014 because the 80st birthday of my mother was ahead and I decided to perform something for her birthday party. Already for the 80st birthday party of my father im May 2013 I build an hand puppet, that needed to be treatened by hand as usual for ventriloquists. Though I thought I was prepared well I forgot part of the text, coudn’t master the ventriloquism and the performance stuck several times. Finally this brought me to the decision to make it better for the party of my mother. So soon the idea was born to build a puppet that talks to me and does the face movement for its own. The whole thing should work mainly fully automated, means eye mouth and face movements should be recorded before and follow a prepared conversation. My task was finally just to ask the puppet (Mr. Bechele) the right questions. However I again stuck, but not as bad as with the manual puppet at the birthday of my father. Show business wants just to be learned ..Wink

The puppet in action

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