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Windows – Download and Installation

Download and installation on Microsoft Windows

cd2browse is tested on Windows XP (32) and Windows 7 (64). However there is no obvoius reason, why it should not run on other Versions of Windows.

  • Setup_CD2Browse_105_Win32.exe (approx. 74Mb) which contains all you need. Install this Package on all 32 bit operating systems.
  • Setup_CD2Browse_105_Win64.exe (approx. 76MB) which contains all you need.Install this Package on all 64 bit operating systems.
  • For people who are familiar with perl, the package cd2browse_105.tgz ( approx. 795 KB) may be interesting. It runs also on Windows, but it contains the scripts only. In this case you have to take care for your own to install all neccesary credentials. (see unix/linux installation for more)

Installing one of the two installer Packages above.

  1. Run the Installer – it will ask for the packages to install. Usually you need to install all packages. Unselect Strawberry Perl only if you have a other Perl Package installed like ActivePerl and you are willing to install all the necessary modules for your own. (see unix installation for more)

Read the Readme.txt and cd2browse_use.txt files for details about the usage. These files are located in the installation directory (usually c:\strawberry_operate\opt\cd2browse)Now you can start CD2browse from the Start Menu.

CD2browse runs also from the command line. Therefore read cd2browse_use.txt

If you have any difficulties installing one of the Windows versions, don’t hesitate to add a FAQ – just enter a comment.

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