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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions send me a mail (see Impressum )

Question: Can I build a similiar project and can I use software or ideas from this project ?
Hard and Software of this project has been licensed according to the GNU  License Version 3 and can therefore be copied, modified and shared as long as the conditions shown in the copyleft are met: Gnu Lizenzdokument . The license however doesn’t cover the provided videos and images. Thes are protected by law and must not be copied without the written permission of the owner.

Question:  Can I support the project somehow ?
Answer: yes if you built something for your own with the support of this site, and you want to do me a favor, send me some images or a video of your project and I will publish it here on this site after checking.

Question: What are the costs for the project if i want to make it ?
For the hardware its less than 100 euros. included are: Raspi, PWM Controller, Servos und SD Card. The rest of the parts is depending on your project. If you build the project with an OrangePi PC its even much less than 100 Euros, because the OprangePi PC can be ordered directly from Shenzen China for about 17 Euros incl. freight. 

Question: Why do exist two different images for RasperryPi and OrangePi
Answer: Of course it’s better to support more than one platform, but for me the major reason is, that a OrangePi is much cheaper than a Raspi, though it has similiar features. A raspi 3 is actually too powerful and could be used for applications that need more power.

Question: Why don’t you use a distribution with a graphical desktop environment for your images.
Answer: The project is intended to be built inside a puppet head. Also on run time when you are in front of an audience, you dont have monitors around you to control something. With low resource use, this project can run even on battery.

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