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Version History

Currently only Version 1.05 is published on my web site, but if you need an older Version, let me know and I can pass you the package.

Changes  in Version 1.05:

  • Resulting pages are now browsable in the data frame. Sub directories are visible as folders with links and also a back icon and link exists to be able to move up and down the file tree, independent from the tree menu.
  • New parameter -v allows to switch off this new feature.
  • Results can now be sorted for icon, size, age and title. This is realized with static pages. This keeps the widely customizable html templates very simple and understandable.
  • New parameter -r allows to omit the static sorted sub pages and saves a little space on cost of the sort function. (with -r it behaves like in the previous versions of cd2brose)
  • templates are now customizable on a project base. Before all templates had to be the same – system wide.
  • All program resources are now stored in /var/opt/cd2browse (unix) for POSIX conformity and c:\strawberry_operate\opt\cd2browse (Windows)
  • templates for the tree menu are now widely customizable – no hard codings in any more. This allows to use different menu types. (see the different repositories)
  • CD2browse comes now along with different design and menu type samples showing the widely customizable page design.
  • For windows a all in one installer is availavle which is now based on the free NSIS installer builder. This also does a clean uninstall if required and comes along with all you need including Imagemagick, all perl modules in use and the program itself.
  • Environment Variable C2BPATH introduced. If this environment variable exists. will take the base repository from there instead of the fixed path in This is used in the windows installer to allow different locations for the program directory during installation and operation.

 Changes in version 1.03

  • Now the latest version of pdfx (V3.02) is included in the windows packages, which processes a wider range of pdf files than V3.0
  • Supports the latest ActiveState Perl version (
  • Supports or includes the latest ImageMagick Version (6.5.7-7)
  • Alternatively uses the perl module HTML::ExtractContent when HTML::Strip is not available for the current perl version (this is the case with ActiveStatePerl V 5.10)
  • Now support for mp3 Files
  • Fixed a bug, where the Text of AddDescription entries in .htaccess files for html files were ignored.

Changes in Version 1.02

Bug fixes:

  • On Windows platforms was a problem when the directory to scan was not on the same drive like the resources directory. This caused indexing on a foreign drive to fail – fixed
  • When the target directory was not writable, indexed the current directory – fixed

New features:

  • Windows Package comes now as a regular installer.
  • Comes now with a Perl/Tk GUI interface ( means can be run as a windows based application.
  • The GUI allows to save and restore settings from small xml config files.
  • is still command line based.
  • Shows now progress information, unless you use the -q (quiet) option
  • resulting browsable icons and thumbnails on CD’s are now linked with the document by default.

Changes in Version 1.01:

  • messages are now generally in english
  • add of the directive “IndexOption SuppressDescription” into .htaccess to omit the extraction of pdf titles from pdf files, when the title tag is not senseful. This allows to set the pdf title extraction on a directory base
  • option -x which globally switches off the pdf title extaction.
  • “IndexIgnore” in .htaccess will now work with individual files – also with  wildcards – like in apache. This allows to omit any file type from indexing
  • IndexIgnore and SuppressDescription are now also valid for sub directories inside the directory where .htaccess is found
  • the highest directory level is now called “home” and is linked with the  welcome.html page

Initial Version 1.0

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