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3D printing bed glue for ABS printing

Oops it didn’t work any more …..

Some time ago I read somewhere in a discussion thread that UHU stic would be a good material to fix 3D prints prints on the bed. So I looked in my office box and found an old UHU stic, that really worked well. After the stic was empty I bought a new one in a shop, but for what ever reason the same product didn’t work any more suddenly. Whatever I did, I could not get the new UHU stic working for me, so I had a problem. Perhaps the manufacturer changed the recipe ? In a forum I read the tip to use cheap wood glue mixed with a little water as a bed coating. Hoever that didn’t work eihter, though the wood glue was water solvent. Then I tried powder sugar as a glue, but that again didnt work. Finally when I was desperate because I could not finish my prints, I  tried to mix the powder sugar with the rest of the wood glue. And believe it or not, that worked perfectly. This mixture of Powder sugar with wood glue on my 112 ° C hot print bed was so successful that I sometimes had difficulties to remove the prints from the bed.

The Mixture:

  • Put 50 % powder sugar into a seperate vessel.
  • Add droplets of water until you have a viscosity similiar to salad oil
  • Put 50% white wood glue (UHU original white wood glue – water solvent) into another vessel and add water until the viscosity is again about like salad oil.
  • Mix the two solvents carefully. If flocks build up you need to filter them out later using a tea sieve or similar.


  • Later the glue may be easily re-activated if too dry by spotting some water onto it with a moist sponge – even if the print bed is already hot.
  • Meanwhile I use only my self made solvent for my prints.
  • The good thing is: After the print bed has cooled down, the parts can be easily removed with little force.
  • Dont try to remove the prints when hot – you may damage your prints because they stick very hard.
  • I still have bed glue from th beginning. Meanwhile I made hundreds of prints. In other words, this print bed glue is very efficient. since it can be re-activated with a few droplets of water. I clean my print bed every 10 prints or so, and apply some new glue.
The Ingredients I used

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