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Ventilation Grills

With this code you can create ventilation grills of various sizes, and shapes, based on parameters you may change. CAD or programming knowlege is not necessary. The output can be 3D STL files you can send to a 3D printer. To be able to work with the code, you need to install OpenScad, which is Open source software you can use for free:

You may download the grill designer from Thingiverse:

Alternatively you may downlod from here:

It introduces some new features like:

  • Possibility to make slanted ribs
  • Sizing now based on the required cut out
  • The ventilation ribs are now automatically centered by default, but can also be shifted by providing an offset.
  • The shape of the brim can be independently set from the tube – different radiuses are possible.
  • Quicker calculation due to re-writing almost the complete code.

An updated file has been uploaded with the ability to rotate the grid within the frame.
Also the creation of round grills is now much easier – you just need to set the tube rounding to maximum.

Thanks to User BlackysBoss for pointing onto wrong tube thickness for the guide tube: I realized that the 4.0 code created a wrong tube thickness. I did a logical mis-calculation for the inner shape size in the code. Therefore I updated to Version to 4.1 where the problem is resoved.

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