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Tube cap designer

Tube cap and roller axle factory

With this code you can create tube caps and roller axles of various sizes, number of edges and shapes, based on parameters you may change. CAD or programming knowlege is not necessary. The output can be 3D STL files you can send to a 3D printer. To be able to work with the code, you need to install OpenScad, which is Open source software you can use for free:

Many parameters are taken as percentage values to
ease the configuration. So not too much attention needs to be taken to
parametrize the parts. In most cases the resulting parts are still sensful if
the obvious size relations remain reasonable.

The designer is available on Thingiverse:

Alternatively you may download the OpenScad Code here:

Load the json file to see the existing examples.

I recommed to use the OpenScad Customizer to set up your Thing

Tipp: If the meander type expanding ring (tenon) is too weak and breaks, you may select the oneslot option get around this.

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