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Nail clamp designer

Customizable nail clamp – also for multiple cables

With this nail clamp designer you may design custom nail clamps based on parameters you may change. CAD or programming knowlege is not necessary. The output can be 3D STL files you can send to a 3D printer. To be able to work with the code, you need to install OpenScad, which is Open source software you can use for free:

The code can be downloaded from Thingiverse:

Alternatively you may downoad from here:

This is a remix of thing

In addition to all the features of thing, now the following new features have been added:

  • Multiple cables are possible.
  • Two nail bushings are possible – one on either side
  • cutoffs on top and bottom possible

Note: You may use the Thingiverse or OpenScad Customizer to create your own

The attached json file contains some sample settings for OpenScad

The updated Version 4 allows finer adjustment of the sizes of most parameters. In Version 3 some parameterw were only adjustable in steps of 1mm

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