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Waist belt designer


With this waist belt designer you may design custom waist belts based on parameters you may change. CAD or programming knowlege is not necessary. The output can be 3D STL files you can send to a 3D printer. To be able to work with the code, you need to install OpenScad, which is Open source software you can use for free:

The belts consist of segments of various sizes,shapes, patterns and image or text fillings. Not too much attention needs
to be taken to parametrize the parts. In most cases the resulting parts are
still sensful if the obvious size relations remain reasonable.


Text and SVG output may be positive or negative – means it subtracts or it adds
to the segment body. The output becomes positive when parameter text_thickness
or svg_thickness is 0. It become negative with a border around in case of any
value greater than 0.

The following explaining videos are available for this Thing:

An overview for the Belt designer:

How to operate the Belt buckle:

Explanation of the different parameters for the customizer:

The code can be downloaded from Thingiverse:

Alternatively you may download all in the following package:

The zip files inside the zip archive are some samples saved as stl files.
Note: These files are just some samples. To use the full possibilities of the code, I recommend to use the OpenScad Customizer.

The file contains some sample SVG files that are also used in the example designs

The belt uses the pattern and SVG code from:

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